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The internet is full of people who would use many exploits online to take advantage of you and everything you have worked for. They will target your personal information, social standing and wealth.

The White House is commited to keeping its members safe, and to help realise this goal this page aims to give you tips and tricks to stay safe online.




Social Media

People's personal information is usually targeted through social media. If you are open about your full name, schools you go to, places in which you work, anyone can find you online without sufficient privacy settings being set to enabled.

There are many platforms of social media, and Habbo qualifies as one of them. If you reveal to much about your identity on Habbo, you can be found through other mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and every other platform you are a part of.



You should be very select about the information you give on social media. All social media platforms will give you the tools to hide your location and any information you do not want the 'public' to see.


Phishing Scams

A common scam on Habbo is a message that goes out claiming you have won an award, or been nominated for an award, and to claim your prize you must go to an external website and put in your personal details. It is dangerous to even go on these websites as they may contain harmful software designed to gain access to your computer systems, including your mobile phone.


You should never share your passwords or login details with anyone. You should also not visit links that seem suspicious. If you are unsure about a link you can put it into a URL checker like - however just because it reports that a website is safe, it does not mean it will be.

Always exercise caution when visiting websites you have never been to before.


Privacy Settings

Social media platforms will allow you to hide personal information, and it is highly recommended that you do. Below is a few screenshots from social media platforms:







Stay Safe!

Your safety is down to your own online actions. If you feel threatened, or would like addtional advice, you are always welcome to speak to EOP, BoT, the Department of Defense or your branch leaders. If they can not help they will know someone who can.

You can make sure you are not a target by being vigilant about the information you store online.

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