1st Employee Meeting!

General - Office of Public Engagement

1st Employee Meeting!

Today we had our very first Employee Meeting in the Cabinet Meeting Room! These meetings have been established by the #PRIDE Administration to involve Middle Ranks and Low Ranks in updates from all the branches and the Executive Departments/Offices! Today was a very eventful one with some promotions into Cabinet and EOP!

Congratulations to the following!

Secretary of State - JoshyTheWashy
Deputy Secretary of State - jengibre84
Deputy Secretary of Defense - Martin-:
Secretary of Education - KingLaet
Deputy Secretary of Education - Avaia11
Deputy Director of Media - -Syndi.

Employee meetings should be hosted weekly, so be sure to attend the next one!

One final reminder before I wrap this article up; since the Deputy Director of Entertainment position is now vacant, applications have been sent out for those who are interested in helping lead the Events Team and working in OoPE! Applications can be found here!

(Director of Public Engagement)


Congrats everyone !!!!!!!!!!!


Wooohoooo congrats all New Cab


Amazing work guys, keep it up and congrats to yall 💙