Website Updates (2)

NARA - Office of Public Engagement

Website Updates (2)

Good Afternoon White House, here are the recent changes!

Recently Completed

  • We've moved to a new host; there should no longer be 503 Errors.
  • The Justice Dept. can now issue strikes as "DoJ"
  • Introduced a new domain -
  • Introduced
  • Judicial Tasking is now visible
  • Database prepared for Senate Committees & Automated Elections
  • Manifesto Checklist
  • Events Team Tools

Upcoming Changes

  • Senate Tools (Priority)
  • Completed Automated Election Tools
  • URL Shortener (links via the new domain)
  • Petitions
  • Consultations
  • Payments/DoT Portal

Regarding the confusion around my username, it's simple:
5D stands for 5 Decks


h0t keep erm cumin


ooooo fancy


Slay sister progress


Woop Woop Lets finally get Senate working






Great job with the new site changes!!!!!!