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The Office of Legislative Affairs, or otherwise known as the OoLA, is the Executive body of the Habbo White House that is dedicated to implementing the manifesto of the President and the Vice President into law, from concept to judicial review. The OoLA is an office within the Executive branch and is led by the Director of Legislative Affairs (DoLA), which is a five in-command position on the chain of command and is appointed by the President in accordance with current law.

The current Director of Legislative Affairs is carlosgierbo.

Other responsibilities of the OoLA include, but are not limited to:



Find the Manifesto Policies and follow the progress right here!




  • If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Office of Legislative Affairs, feel free to message in discord carlosgierbo#5236
  • Alternatively, you can put any concerns forth in the Office of Legislative Affairs discord server, but please note that your membership is temporary.

DoLA Label
Director of Legislative Affairs, Executive Office of the President.
Executive Branch, the Habbo White House.
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