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Department of State

About the Department

The Department of State is responsible for handling and administering all foreign and domestic affairs in the White House, as well as controlling and overseeing the transfer process, making sure that it works efficiently. We also manage the addition or removal of an alliance and work closely with the Department of Defense in security-related subjects. The Department of State frequently communicates with the White House's allies making sure a sustainable network is constructed.

Department of State Leadership



Secretary of State



Deputy Secretary of State


Our Valued Allies

We regularly search for new establishments to ally with. Below is a list of the organizations and militaries we are partnered with officially:

DZokm4Hy8IXdt_ZEtUAYKl8ypmjcQi32Ycl-ZU2bA-L_wBmeMBlTmm57_sd_b-1tqZKCSiDF7DmcBUKAl_aaHiiAFVIKcJ0t1-IhnGtmBJK_u_1wLrQ4Z91mlmdXuKP-4WM4TAnc  Secret Service (SS) owned by SS-Director

UU74vwUfEY9nyWLEcTI_EEkiUN9HJ1erNbaS2THzg2V1uYwwW7bHRjN24U_QwSx1q7vP9tcqW7LZKtcTBN07N_-lIzTGNIJMb5ygCIkg8NOdzfr9gDE4V3mU4QZSGH1O2jazmlL- Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) owned by FBI-Premier

FmcZVygng3XYJ8-cXKaZpQccfyrGx9eYDgn26vwLJzYXgmnbQrSpycKdFDMIAADzkBig5wL3FH5kYieVJVBQMQ4C786wZYM4WcALJY9XRbhhaYQPWfVRWlD6b53IC4cXks1QR7qD Habbo Defence Agency (HDA) owned by HDA-Founder

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) owned by SWAT-Foundation

Note: If you are interested in becoming allies with us read through the Alliance Policy and submit an application HERE!

Our Alliance Badge Policy

We exclusively offer our allies the membership of our alliance badge. This badge is used to access our headquarters and various other areas of the White House estate. Below is the policy for each of our allies.

Note:  Our policy extends to all External Affairs units, namely, all External Affairs units may enroll our alliance badge. 

Our Allies' Alliance Access Policy

If you are a White House member and wish to enter the premises of any of our allies, the requirements for each respective ally must have been made for permission to access. Below are the requirements for each ally.


Our Alliance Council

The Alliance Council is a group of White House personnel who are responsible for assisting the Department of State in its office of maintaining good relations with all allies, Treaty's and uphold strong communication. Members are appointed to each respective ally, and they are all selected by the Department of State.

Secret Service



KingLaet and Joew816


Habbo Defence Agency



tammiirose- and m:_:mz


International Development As.







Federal Bureau of Investigation



laurenf0 and Steph_-_


Special Weapons and Tactics



2naDynasty and Staceii


Kingdom of Habbo








Note: Please click here for the Google Drive containing reports of the Alliance Council members pursuant to Re-Establishment of the Alliance Council Act 2016.

Thinking of transferring to the Habbo White House?

The White House allows members from agencies allied or not with the White House to transfer into a ninth in-command standard rank within one of our three branches. To achieve the aforementioned, they must pass a comprehensive test and complete an interview. 

Before taking the Outside Agency Transfer Examination please ensure that you have read the following documents:


Have you done reading all the documents?

Have you met all the requirements? 

Click the links below to begin.

If you are an ally attempting to transfer please contact the Department of State, you do not need to complete the exam.

To take your test, you must create an account on our website, register here.

To begin the Outside Agency Transfer Exam, click here.


Here is a list of references for information and educational purposes.

→  National Punishment List

→  White House Ban on Sight List

→  State Act 2018

Questions, Complaints & Suggestions

If you have any questions, complaints or suggestions to the Department of State, please do not hesitate to add JoshyTheWashy or oreo270 on the Habbo client and we will consult with you as soon as possible!

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