Department of Education


Department of Education


" Education is key to unlock the golden door of freedom."

- George Washington Carver


The Department of Education is responsible for providing every member of the Habbo White House equal opportunities to learn and understand as much as they can about our organization. The department not only provides educational sessions to Low Ranks, so that they can learn more about the Habbo White House, but we also work with the branches to develop, implement and oversee new educational schemes and projects - these must follow the National Education Framework. The department is also responsible for all Low Ranks within the White House.


Secretary of Education


The current Secretary of Education is KingLaet. Her job is to oversee the overall educational activities in the White House and to make sure that both her department and all the branches are doing everything they can to ensure all members have as much knowledge and understanding as they need.

Deputy Secretary of Education


The current Deputy Secretary of Education is Avaia11. Her main task is to provide the White House LRs with a good foundation knowledge to enter and achieve in their chosen branches, by directing the Education Assistants and ensuring Education Sessions are engaging and informative.

Education Directors

Three of the four branches of the White House have ranks dedicated to overseeing the education and learning of the members of that branch. The people holding these ranks are all members of the Department, and assist the Secretary with monitoring the guidance given to middle ranks across the White House.






The Associate Justice of Education for Judicial is JoeYheBro. He is in charge of all education within the Judicial branch.




The Training Director for the Secret Service is currently vacant. His role is to recommend and assist with implementing any changes to training procedures, particularly when the scripts require updating. He mentors members of the branch to ensure they do their job correctly.




The Senate Educational Director is currently vacant. They are in charge of all activities within the Senate branch to educate their members on how to achieve the best results.


Education Assistants

The Department of Education also contains 15 Education Assistants, who are individuals chosen from all over the White House to help provide that high level of learning we strive to achieve with all of our members, by hosting Education Sessions about a number of topics!










Contact Information

If you have any questions about the department feel free to get in touch! Just message GiggleBox95 on this site or in-game on Habbo! Additionally, you may send in a Freedom of Information request here.

Relevant Spreadsheets

Education Session Records




Introduction Lesson

Cabinet Branch Lesson

Judicial Branch Lesson

Senate Branch Lesson

Secret Service Branch Lesson

Department of State Lesson

LR Debating Lesson

LR Mock Trial Lesson

Relevant Legislation

Education and Low Ranks Act 2017

For Education Assistants:

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