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Friday 22nd February 2019 12:17 AM GMT


Welcome to the official website of the White House. Established in 2010, we are one of the oldest organisations on Habbo.com. We provide our employes with a safe, friendly and fun environment to express themselves in tasks, chat and anything else their imagination can dream. We have a strong community, with an active 3 current employees (excluding Low Ranks). Our governance structure is based on the United States of America with the President and Vice President providing overall leadership.

The White House is a democractic organisation. We don't sell ranks for credits - you can only climb the ladder through your own hard work. The President and Vice President are elected together every 2 months by White House employees. To vote you must be registered to vote. To learn more about elections and how they are regulated, please click here.


Executive is the principle branch of the Habbo White House. They head departments and oversee the running of the White House.


Senate is the legislative branch of the Habbo White House. They have the power to create laws.


Judicial is the judiciary branch of the Habbo White House. They have the power to hold trials and prosecute members.

Secret Service

SS is the security branch of the Habbo White House. They have the power to recruit and protect.

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25th Presidential Election

Voting has ended. Turnout = 85.2%.


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